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Carpet cleanliness can affect indoor air quality. Indoor air quality, a growing government, and customer concern are all forcing contract cleaners to focus on health as well as appearance, that’s why you can count on our carpet cleaning in Decatur, GA, to leave you feeling refreshed and clean. When properly maintained, carpet can improve indoor air quality, acting as a filter to hold soil, debris, and other contaminants, and preventing them from becoming airborne. Routine carpet maintenance includes controlling the spread of dirt with entry mats, vacuuming with proper filtration and micro filter bags, and immediate spot removal. Regular vacuuming helps keep the indoor air cleaner and extends carpet life. Vacuums have improved via stronger and better suction and use of filters that trap dirt down to 0.3 microns (a micron is one-millionth of a meter). It is equally important to regularly clean or replace vacuum filters to ensure efficiency. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) also recognizes the effect of regular carpet cleaning on indoor air. Cleaning includes regularly scheduled wet cleaning or extraction for total soil removal. Extraction cleaning is the most effective way to remove soil.

The accompanying chart lists EPA recommendations on carpet and flooring maintenance/cleaning frequency based on environmental conditions.
* Source: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Carpet Below is a chart of cleaning guidelines given by the EPA.  We hope it proves to be helpful.  Here at Blue Bubble Home Services we don't just clean your carpets we help you maintain a healthy environment.

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The recommended cleaning frequencies do not necessarily mean a full carpet cleaning is required.

However, some office buildings and commercial should receive full approved interim cleanings.

 EPA Recommended Carpet Cleaning Frequency Guidelines

   Day Care Center Nursing Homes Homes Office Buildings Food Service Commercial Properties
Environmental Conditions 2 Persons Smoking 2 Persons Smoking Young Kids Young Kids w/ Pets Ground Floor High Floors Restaurants Retail Stores, Churches
 Normal 2 wks 1 mo 6-12 mos 4 mos 6 mos 3-6 mos 3-6 mos 6-12 mos 1 mo 3-6 mos
 Contaminated Outside Dusty 1 wk 1mo 2 mos 2 mos 1 mo 1 mo 1 mo 2-6 mos 1 wk 1 mo
 Extreme Cold Weather Climates 2 wks 1 mo 4-6 mos 3 mos 3 mos 2 mos 2-6 mos 3-9 mos 2 wks 2 mos
 High Humidity Biogenic 1 wk 1 wk 4-6 mos 4 mos 3 mos 2 mos 2-6 mos 3-9 mos 2 wks 2 mos

This table is a suggested guideline. Actual soil conditions and cleaning processes may require a varied schedule.

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